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The Troopers are a collection of, 10000 generative PCP NFTs made by Carlos León artist, with meticulously designed features that define brave warriors who also happen to be dangerous assassins against the SO.


It is a period of civil wars in the cryptocurrency galaxy. A brave underground alliance of financial freedom fighters has challenged the tyranny and oppression of the imposing SECOND ORDER. Their motto is “Bitcoin for all.” Their symbol is a yellow B, as bright as the limitless future of decentralized currency. Their supreme goal is to complete a complete redesign of the galactic economy.

Although they are noble and courageous, the alliance has encountered harsh resistance by these powers. Led by the schizoid SECOND ORDER organization, they have issued a strong warning. “Crypto cannot exist,” they say. “It must not exist!” they roar. They seem convinced that Bitcoin is an evil, nefarious, anti-imperial technology that threatens the sovereignty of the SECOND ORDER.

But what if SECOND ORDER has a secret agenda?

With the help of a ruthless smuggler, the SECOND ORDER sends legions of ferocious TERROR DOGS into desperate battle to subdue the rebellion. For the first time, the army of the SECOND ORDER has no chance of victory. The rebels are unprepared for the assault and with one last desperate burst of strength, the DOGS OF TERROR destroy their own forces. But this is not the end. They launch a final suicide attack on the main base of the SECOND ORDER.

The SECOND ORDER deploys its fleet, intent on wiping out the rebellion once and for all. It is a desperate struggle, fought in a galaxy of millions of suns. Both sides are ruthless and, at their best, there is no surrender. In a last desperate attack, the SECOND ORDER destroys the rebel fleet and sacrifices its own.

On a planet called Bulltronics that may be the key to victory, the planetary leader comes to confront the enemy.

The SECOND ORDER fears that another defeat could lead a thousand more solar systems into rebellion, and federal control over the galaxy would be lost forever.
Under the leadership of a new man, the Rebel Alliance faces its greatest challenge. With three new commanders and crew members from all over the galaxy, players must help our heroes set sail on their great galactic adventure… and fight the battle of the stars to defeat the SECOND ORDER!

Strategic Allies



The Roadmap

  • All Roadmap progress 98% 98%


The Q2

  • Troopers media presentation 99% 99%
  • 1st private sale (whitelist) 98% 98%
  • 1st public sale 87% 87%
  • SO Troopers 39% 39%


The CryptoArtist

Carlos León is an artist and graphic designer from Venezuela who has been creating crypto inspired art since early 2016. He began with Bitcoin and then created his first piece of art for BitCore in 2017. Carlos’ work has become so popular that he now gets orders from all over the world.

Carlos León es un artista y diseñador gráfico de Venezuela que ha estado creando arte inspirado en las criptomonedas desde principios de 2016. Comenzó con Bitcoin y luego creó su primera obra de arte para BitCore en 2017. El trabajo de Carlos se ha vuelto tan popular que ahora recibe pedidos de todo el mundo.






Resistance Commander, Graphic Brain of several blockchain projects, with more than 24 years of experience in Design and with more than 7 years of experience in the crypto world.




Colonel of Special Operations, brain dedicated to the education of the rebels and official in charge of enlisting the troops for the battle. 18 years of experience.



Boston Blast

Lieutenant of the administration division of the rebel forces, with experience in military intelligence and detection of malicious people belonging to the SO.




Sergeant, 32 years of experience in covert missions, specialist in galactic languages and communications.




Lieutenant Colonel in encrypted communications for the resistance, with 5 years of experience.

Nas Wolf

Nas Wolf


Master in intergalactic battles, always guiding us through the best way to the objective.




Admiral, with 15 years of experience in handling difficult situations and troops in war.




With a vision of the future, Drak from the Bored Ape Galaxy accompanies us to give us the best strategies.

The Rebels A1 White List registration has been completed, you will receive the first TROOP A1 Airdrop and early access to the private sale of the unique NFT TROOP GEN000 collection, which will unlock future features.

At the alliance’s main board we have determined that a % of the funds raised from the private and public sales will go to charitable foundations, we will be announcing more details soon.


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